About Us

  • The brand AUTOPROFI stands for first-rate products at the most fair prices. The diversified range of cleaning and care products as well as articles for the conservation of a car’s value are designed for retail and end user, too. The price-performance ratio of all products is unbeatable whereas their high quality is constantly controlled. Now everyone can get what experts suggest!
  • Cleaning and Care Products for Gas and Diesel Engines for cars, trucks boats any brand, makes and models
  • Preventive Maintenance, Fuel & Oil Additives, internal engine cleaning solutions and so much more...Certified "Made in GERMANY" by the TUEV Germany.

Fuel System - Diesel

The brand AUTOPROFI offers a wide range of different products for diesel vehicles. The product range cleans and maintains the entire diesel system – from the intake system to the diesel particulate filter DPF. With regular use, the diesel products by AUTOPROFI ensure optimum fuel consumption, consistent performance, protection in winter, less risk of wear and the reduction of nail noise.

Fuel System - Petrol

Using the highly effective AUTOPROFI products, the entire fuel system of petrol engines can be thoroughly liberated from operational deposits and sustainable maintained – from the injectors to the catalytic converter. The range offers numerous solutions to optimize engine performance, significantly reduce fuel consumption, improve exhaust emissions and prevent engine knock.

Radiator System

For thorough cleaning, effective care and comprehensive maintenance of the entire radiator system, AUTOPROFI offers an extensive range of high-quality products. The various products remove and prevent all operational debris and contamination, significantly extending the life of all components of the cooling system. Thereby, metal or rubber surfaces are not attacked.

Engine, Power Steering & Gearbox

For the engine as well as power steering, all manual, differential, auxiliary and automatic transmissions, AUTOPROFI offers various high-quality products with which a comprehensive cleaning and a thorough care can be achieved. Dirt and deposits are removed so that a smooth operation is possible again. This also reduces the risk of wear and noise.

Air Condition

Odor removal in vehicles interiors and car A/C systems. Application in cars, trucks, commercial vehicles etc. Neutralizes unpleasant odors. Non-toxic and odorless.