Vehicle Parts & Accessories - AUTOPROFI Petrol (Gasoline) System Clean - Made In Germany TUEV Approved

AUTOPROFI Petrol (Gasoline) System Clean - Made in Germany TUEV Approved

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AUTOPROFI Petrol (Gasoline) System Clean

  • Product properties:
  •  removes gum and varnish from the entire fuel system
  •  removes carbon deposits and contamination inside the combustion chamber
  •  gives clean and powerful combustion
  •  provides clean and powerful combustion and optimizes emissions
  •  binds humidity and condense water
  •  lubricates and protects the fuel system
  •  increases life span of the engine Product properties For all  petrol engines.
  • Area of application: For all petrol engines.
  • Application: Add every 6 months to the fuel system before filling up with petrol.
  • Application Consumption: 250 ml for 60 ltr. petrol = 15.85 Gallons
  • Reaction time: Works during operation