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AUTOPROFI Diesel Super Performance - Made in Germany - TUEV Approved

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AUTOPROFI Diesel Super Performance

Fuel Improver features:

Specially developed to protect the Common-Rail system, high-pressure pumps and pump-injector. Scattered totally water and absorbs moisture. Increases the lubricity of diesel fuel exceeding the DIN EN 590 HFFR standard.

Especially recommended for low quality fuels. Elevates the cetane level, cleans injectors and dissolves impurities in the fuel system, resulting in uniform and powerful combustion. It facilitates cold start and ensures an optimal combustion thus greatly reducing the formation of waste. Suitable for all diesel fuels.

Fields of application:

All diesel engines. It is also recommended for vehicles with catalytic converters, particle filters (DPF) and turbochargers.

How to use:

Fill the dispenser by gently pressing the container. Add 20 ml per 20 liters (5.28 gallon) of Diesel to the fuel tank.

Product does not replace the fuel!

Consumption per unit:

200 ml enough for 200 liters (52.83 gallon) Diesel fuel

Reaction time:

Works during operational


Quick info:

to add in fuel tank (every time) - to protect / lubricate high pressure pump, eradicates water bubbles in the fuel tank, increases cetane level,

boosts engine horsepower.