AUTOPROFI Cetane Booster 250 Ml

AUTOPROFI Cetane Booster Diesel 250 ml Made in Germany - TUEV

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AUTOPROFI Cetane Booster

Product properties:

Cetane Booster increases the cetane number of the diesel fuel of up to 5 points. The product is the best for diesel fuel of lower quality. It reduces the "engine knocking", produces an even and powerful combustion, reduces soot and prevents overheating that is due to the low cetane number auf the diesel fuel.

Area of application:

For use in diesel powered engines. Recommended for engines with particle filter, turbo and catalytic converter


Fill directly into the diesel tank. Observe mixing ratio.


250ml sufficient for 60 liters (15.85 Gallons) diesel. Mixing ratio: 1:200

Reaction time:

while engine is running