Clean Engine Care Oxygen Sensor Cleaner - Efficient Catalytic Converter Cleaner - High-Performance Vehicle Cleaner for Gasoline and Diesel Engine - 12 Oz Emission Cleaner for Turbo Charger, EGR Valve

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✅ Clean Your Exhaust System: when regularly used, our emissions system cleaner will offer an effective cleanup to your oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, EGR valve, and turbocharger to boost your vehicle's working condition.

✅ Optimal Lambda Sensor Operation: the high-performance oxygen sensor cleaner will remove the buildup dirt, soot, and carbon in your vehicle's o2 sensor to prolong its lifetime and optimize fuel consumption.

✅ Unclog Your Catalytic Converter: the emission cleaner can also be used as a catalytic converter cleaner to eliminate any deposits the cat converter may contain, keep it protected from heavy dirt, and increase its efficiency.

✅ Suitable For Gasoline And Diesel Engines: our versatile valve cleaner is designed to provide efficient oxygen sensor and catalytic converter cleaning to every car featuring a diesel or gasoline engine.

✅ Easy-To-Use O2 Sensor Cleaner: to add the emission cleaner to your vehicle, you simply have to pour it into the fuel tank. Our oxygen sensor cleaner comes with a nozzle to make the filling procedure even easier.

Keep Your Vehicle's Exhaust System Clean With An Emission Cleaner!

Looking for an efficient engine and catalytic converter cleaning treatment?

Does your oxygen sensor need a boost cleaning to optimize its function?

Are you in search of the best catalytic converter cleaner to improve your car's performance?

Introducing The Must-Have Emission Cleaner For Oxygen Sensors And Catalytic Converters By Clean Engine Care!

Now you do not have to settle for an inefficient deep clean fuel system cleaner, a pricey gas tank cleaner, or a low-quality EGR valve cleaner anymore.

The highly-effective emission cleaner by Clean Engine Care is here to remove any dirt from your exhaust system and keep your oxygen sensor and catalytic converter in perfect condition.

Here Are Top 3 Reasons Why Car Owners Choose Our Cleaner:

Extend Your Engine's Life: the cleaner clears up the exhaust system's components, like the oxygen sensors and turbocharger, to restore and optimize your engine's performance.

Boost Your Car's Operation: keeping your oxygen sensor and catalytic converter clean will help them function properly and improve your car's fuel efficiency while allowing you to enjoy a smooth driving experience.

Avoid The "Check Engine" Light Notifications: our emission cleaner will help you skip the stress of engine light notifications, making sure that your exhaust system operates with minimum issues.

Need More Reasons?

✔ Comes With A Nozzle For Effortless Filling

✔ Destined For Gasoline And Diesel Engines

✔ For Better Results Fill The Tank Every 3 Months

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