AUTOPROFI Diesel Anti Gel 250 Ml

AUTOPROFI Diesel Anti Gel 250 ml Made in Germany - TUEV Approved

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AUTOPROFI Diesel Anti Gel

Product properties:

High Performance Diesel System Care for diesel-flow improvement. Winter safe up to -33 °C.

  • prevents thickening of the diesel fuel in extreme coldness
  • prevents blocking of the fuel filter and fuel lines
  • ensures a better cold start behavior and smooth warm-up running
  • ensures optimized lubrication of all movable parts in diesel engines

Area of application: For all diesel engines.


Product should be applied to the diesel system at temperatures above 0 °C prior to filling up the fuel tank. Make sure to add the product before gelling of the diesel fuel.

Consumption: 250 ml for 60 ltr. fuel. (15.85 Gallon)

Reaction time: While engine is running